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Who and Where are we?

DCI of Minnesota is an owner operated business.  As such we are able to be hands on with our clientele to make better, more cost effective decisions to help reduce costs and lead the way to quicker positive outcomes for all parties.  DCI provides flexibility to customer needs, faster resolution to injured workers’ recovery and return to work, effective customer response, all while focusing on cost containment measures along the way.

Who are we?  DCI of Minnesota is a QRC firm of seasoned Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants, with many years of experience providing services to injured workers.  Some of our QRCs have Nursing backgrounds while others have Master’s Degrees in Vocational Rehabilitation, and all are registered with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry to provide these services.  DCI provides classic, good old fashioned, face to face, glad to meet you, rehabilitation.  We take a hands-on approach to providing services, and have built strong working relationships with area employers and medical providers to help injured workers find the best resources for their recovery and return to work.  This helps reduce costs and avoid unnecessary delays.  We communicate with everyone in DCI’s Wheel of Rehab to keep everyone up to date and on the same page regarding what is happening with the case, with the common goal of return to wellness and ultimately return to safe, meaningful work.

We have staff in multiple locations in Minnesota.  This keeps us close to the action to assist you. DCI serves Southern, Central, and Northeast areas of Minnesota, including the Greater Mankato, Greater Twin Cities, Greater Duluth, and all the surrounding communities.

While some of the faces have changed over the years, our commitment to providing high quality Rehabilitation services has not.  We are QRCs you can trust.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and anyone who needs and wants great results from a team that cares.  Call us at 507-625-1789 for more information.

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