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Meet Our Team

Steve Aldrich has been providing rehabilitation and case management services since 1982. His experience includes Disability Case Management, Minnesota Statutory Rehabilitation, Social Security Expert Witness Testimony, Long Term Disability Rehabiliation, No Fault Auto Rehabilitation, and Wisconsin Rehabilitation Case Management. Steve also provides Medical Case Management, Vocational Case Management, On-Site Job Analysis, Transferable Skills Analysis, Ergonomic Work Station Evaluations, Return to Work Coordination, Aptitude and Interest Testing, Labor Market Surveys, Vocational Testimony, Job Development and Placement, Employability and Retraining Assessments. Steve has also worked in the fields of geriatric care, mental health, and chemical dependency counseling.

Steve Aldrich - MS, CRC, QRC

General Territory:
Greater Duluth, Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula Michigan

Don Barrett has been providing rehabilitation services since 1987. This experience includes Disability Case Management, Statutory Rehabilitation, return to work assessments, on-site job analyses, vocational assessments, labor market surveys, and comprehensive job placement services. He is experienced in working with special populations, including psychological, chemically dependent, and culturally diverse. Don has proven skills in developing effective working relationships among parties of differing positions to bring about successful resolutions.

Don Barrett - CDMS, QRC

General Territory:
Twin Cities Metro area and surrounding communities.

Gwen Henricksen is a Registered Nurse (RN) and has been working as a counselor in the industry since 1981. Her major casework includes the areas of southern, southeastern, and southwestern Minnesota. She has extensive knowledge and experience with occupational injuries and illnesses and has pursued continuing educational opportunities in return to work coordination and development, on-site job analysis and ergonomics.

Gwen Henricksen - RN, QRC, CCM, CDMS

General Territory:
Southern Minnesota to the South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin borders and the Twin Cities Metro area.