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Assisting Injured Workers | Let Our Experience Work For You!


Face to Face Case Management for Injured Workers

DCI is a licensed QRC (Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant) Firm.  We provide ‘Classic’ Rehabilitation. Read more here...

Work Injuries Happen - Choose DCI!

Our QRCs have years of experience in our communities and have built knowledgeable, working relationships with local employers and medical providers. Read more here...

Injured at Work? Classic Rehab Helps You

Our QRCs guide and assist injured workers through the Rehabilitation process. Read more here...

Who and Where are we?

DCI is an owner operated business.  We are able to be hands on with our clientele to make better, more cost effective decisions to help reduce costs and lead the way to a quicker positive outcome for all parties.

We have staff in multiple locations in Minnesota.  This keeps us close to the action to assist you. DCI serves Southern, Central, and Northeast areas of Minnesota, including the greater Mankato, greater Twin Cities, greater Duluth, and all surrounding communities.   Read more here...