DCI of Minnesota - Getting You Back to Work

Face to face assistance for injured workers of Minnesota

We provide vocational rehabilitation services including medical care coordination and follow up, and return to work assistance for people who have been injured at work. We like to meet our clientele in person to get a good understanding of the medical and vocational issues so we can better serve those involved.

Why choose DCI of Minnesota?

We have years of experience in our communities and have built knowledgeable, working relationships with local employers and medical providers, which help us get results quicker and more effectively.  Our QRCs will work hard to get to know you and your needs and work through a plan intended to allow everyone to experience a successful outcome.

Trust us with your injury needs and see what our experience can do for you!  If you might benefit from our services, contact us or complete our online referral form and we will put you in touch with our nearest expert staff to answer questions or help get the Rehab process started.

Bigger is not always better

DCI is an owner operated business.  This keeps us close to the action and directly involved in day to day activities.  We are able to be hands on with our clientele and make quality, cost effective decisions to help reduce expense and lead the way to a quicker positive outcome for all parties.

Where we are

We have staff in multiple locations throughout the state of Minnesota.  This keeps us close to the action to help serve your needs. 

We serve Southern, Central, and Northeast Minnesota.  This includes the Greater Mankato, Twin Cities, and Duluth areas along with surrounding communities.