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Injured at Work? Classic Rehab Helps You

QRCs guide and assist injured workers through the Rehabilitation process.  We communicate with all the parties involved in the medical care as well as anyone else involved with the injury claim.  Our purpose is to keep everyone informed, up to date and keep things moving in a positive direction toward common goals.

Rehabilitation is made up of many people who may be involved in a work injury including but not limited to the injured worker (employee), employer, work comp insurer, physicians, therapists and other medical providers, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, attorneys, and job placement specialists.  A QRC is at the center of all those players to communicate and keep everyone informed about the case to keep the wheels turning and the process moving forward.

Here is how it works:  When an injury occurs, the employee reports the injury to their employer.  The employer in turn reports the injury to their Worker’s Compensation Insurance Company.  Medical attention is sought to treat the injury.  The treating physician provides the medical care needed and may refer to other providers such as therapists or specialists who can help with the recovery process.  This physician will also determine when is the best time to return to work.  A Rehabilitation Consultation may be requested by the insurer, the injured worker, the employer or an attorney to involve one of DCI’s QRCs.  We begin by meeting with the injured employee to gather information about the work injury, as well as other important medical history, the job at the time of injury and any other work history and experience the employee may have.  The QRC communicates with the people in the Wheel of Rehab to inform everyone what is happening.  We continue meeting with, assisting and guiding all the parties as needed, for the duration of time it takes to treat the injury, recover from the injury (returning to wellness) and ultimately to reach the common goal of return to work whenever possible.

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