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Meet Our Team

Veronica Alba - MS, CRC, QRC

Veronica Alba (Spanish and English language) has provided rehabilitation services to Minnesota injured workers since 2008.  She provides services for statutory rehabilitation case management and disability case management files.  Services include; vocational counseling, medical case management, on-site job analyses, job placement coordination, labor market surveys, transferable skills analysis and return to work facilitation with date of injury employers.  In addition to serving the general population, Veronica offers culturally specific and linguistically appropriate rehabilitation services to injured workers in the Spanish speaking population in an effort to serve clients and contain rehabilitation costs.

Phone: 507-469-3745
General Territory:
Southern Minnesota and Twin Cities Metro area.

Steve Aldrich - MS, CRC, QRC

Steve Aldrich has been providing rehabilitation and case management services since 1982.  His experience includes Disability Case Management, Minnesota Statutory Rehabilitation, Social Security Expert Witness Testimony, Long Term Disability Rehabiliation, No Fault Auto Rehabilitation, Wisconsin Rehabilitation Case Management, and Loss of Earnings Testimony for Wisconsin worker's compensation cases.  Steve also provides Medical Case Management, Vocational Case Management, On-Site Job Analysis, Transferable Skills Analysis, Ergonomic Work Station Evaluations, Return to Work Coordination, Aptitude and Interest Testing, Labor Market Surveys, Vocational Testimony, Job Development and Placement, Employability and Retraining Assessments.  Steve has also worked in the fields of geriatric care, mental health, and chemical dependency counseling.

Phone: 218-525-3611
General Territory:
Duluth, Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula Michigan

Don Barrett - CDMS, QRC

Don Barrett has been providing rehabilitation services since 1987.  This experience includes Disability Case Management, Statutory Rehabilitation, return to work assessments, on-site job analyses, vocational assessments, labor market surveys, and comprehensive job placement services.  He is experienced in working with special populations, including psychological, chemically dependent, and culturally diverse.  Don has proven skills in developing effective working relationships among parties of differing positions to bring about successful resolutions. 

Phone: 651-436-2895
General Territory:
Twin Cities Metro area and surrounding communities.

Gwen Henricksen - RN, QRC, CCM, CDMS

Gwen Henricksen is an RN and has been working as a counselor in the industry since 1981.  Her major casework includes the areas of southern, southeastern, and southwestern Minnesota.  She has extensive knowledge and experience with occupational injuries and illnesses and has pursued continuing educational opportunities in return to work coordination and development, on-site job analysis and ergonomics.  She is a Field Nurse as well as COP Nurse for the U.S. Department of Labor. 

Phone: 507-625-1789
General Territory:
Southern Minnesota and South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin borders as well as the Twin Cities Metro area.

Greg Irle - MS, CRC, QRC

Greg Irle has been providing rehabilitation services for over 30 years.  Greg graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stout with a Master's Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation.  He has expertise in providing a wide range of vocational rehabilitation services including Medical Case Management, Vocational Counseling, and Job Placement Services.  Greg has extensive experience and knowledge in providing Expert Testimony.  Being self employed and co-owner of his own QRC firm for many years, Greg brings an honest, objective approach to providing services.

Phone: 763-208-3849
General Territory:
Twin Cities Metro, Central Minnesota, West Central Wisconsin.

Debra Michels - RN, QRC, CDMS

Debra Michels is an RN and has been providing statutory rehabilitation and disability case management services to the industrially injured since 1984.  She has developed strong relationships with healthcare providers and employers throughout southern, southwestern and southeastern Minnesota.  Ms. Michels excels in effective problem solving, skillful case management of medically complex cases, as well as facilitating timely, successful, return to work or reemployment.

Phone: 507-387-6839
General Territory:
Southern Minnesota, Twin Cities Metro, and South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin borders.

Lisa Vertelney - MA, Vocational Specialist, QRC Intern

Lisa Vertelney has been providing services to the rehabilitation field for over 20 years, specializing in vocational testing, wide ranging job search assistance, career and educational guidance, medical management, and extensive work with long-term disability clientele.  Lisa has a very creative and successful approach to identifying alternate employment for people and she has experience with very diverse groups of individuals of all ages and educational backgrounds.  Services include: Vocational Testing, career counseling, Labor Market Surveys, Transferable Skills Analysis, job seeking skills training, resume and cover letter writing, educational research and recommendations, job placement, job analysis, and medical management. 
Lisa will obtain her CDMS certification soon and is currently accepting referrals for Statutory Rehabilitation in pursuit of her QRC registration.

Phone: 763-519-0109
General Territory:
Twin Cities Metro area and Central Minnesota communities